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No Upload Speeds


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Hello all,


This has been happening for months, but it's finally chipping away at my IPT ratio so this problem needs to be solved.

I have getting almost zero upload speeds from my torrents. I have opened all ports on my router, blasted through my anti-virus and PC firewall, and ran speed tests for UL/DL. 

Tests come back fine, my UL is almost as good as my DL, yet uTorrent will NOT seed any of my torrents.


I've looked all over for help and I've followed multiple guides to recover my UL speeds but nothing is working.

I'm starting to think Comcast has secretly picked me out of the crowd and completely shut off my uploading ability for uTorrent or something.

Crazy idea but hey, I've tried everything else.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can't let my ratio go below 4.0, I've worked for over a decade to achieve it.


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