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Tabs, searching, easier moving and auto-backup


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I have several thousand torrents, most of which are books so I'd like to see a tab feature where the user can choose what is listed on the tabs. Some ways the files could be sorted using tabs include by type e.g. audio, video, application, ebooks, by file type e.g. mp3, flac, avi, mkv, mp4, pdf, iso etc or by tracker, which would be most useful personally as I use several private trackers to download the books. If possible tabs also for labeled torrents e.g. a physics book tagged physics or an mp3 by genre would be handy especially if it were possible to do so using labels others had given a torrent or the uploader had added, similar to metadata on mp3 files.


At present moving files takes forever so batch move and auto-move features would be handy especially for those of us with many drives that have become a mess. The ability to download all files from one tracker or one file type would be useful too


It would also be useful to be able to search among the items downloaded using utorrent. I have a number of drives


At the moment I'm having an issue with utorrent - all my downloads from around 3 months ago to last week all claim to have been downloaded seconds ago. I've tried fixing it by going though installation without any luck and don't want to uninstall in case it installs like a brand new installation as it would take forever to add all the torrents, given my how disorganised my drives are. A backup of what is downloaded to where would be useful to many people i.e. when there are problems, upgrading, especially after hardware failure and hopefully keep old torrents alive longer.


I realise adding all these features is a lot to ask but they would make utorrent more convenient, at least for those of us that don't hit and run.

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