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Unusual Behavioural Practice of Another Leecher


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For some time now, I have noticed that in both, my torrent downloads and during seeding, that this particualr leecher has multiple leechers, which appears to be eminating from the same modem, and constantly sets completed percentage (I do not how it is done) to 0%; no matter how much is uploaded to the leechers.


The constant manipulation of the percentage completed to 0% has the effect of slowing down the download of the torrent for others; as someone with 0%; from my observation, gets priority.


I was wondering if this is a deliberate attempt to disrrupt the torrent community and if so, is there any action that can be either carried out at client developer level or my end?





Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.10.34 PM.pdf

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Hi DreadWingKnight,


I was uncertain if the screenshot format would be compatible with the forum's posting portal; and thought that it would be less bytes in a PDF format; but I was unware at the time that the PDF file would remain as an attachment rather than becoming as a displayed item in the forum post.


Being unsure of the intention for your question, here is the screenshot:


Oops, cannot seem to locate the attachment facilty now in replies.


I am attempting to attach the snapshot by way of editing the original post.

No, not possible, no attachment facility during editing.


If you are unable to view the PDF file, shall I start a new post althogehter with the snapshot instead?



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