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uTorrent for Mac ipfilter.dat location, edition and format


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DreadWingKnight had kindly replied to my post regarding "Unusual behaviourial Practice of Another Leecher."


DreadWingKnight had suggested that "You might be able to add the IP addresses to your ipfilter.dat file (see the help file for how to do that)."


My journey then proceeded. I had carried out the following steps:

  1. I clicked on FINDER on my Mac, then simultaneously pressed SHIFT COMMAND G which brought up the pop-up "Go to window" where I entered "~/Library/Application Support/uTorrent"
  2. This took me to the folder where the folders were stored. I had to locate the ipfilter.dat file from amongst the list of files. The file was understandably 0 KB; as being the standard from my reading in the forum is that there is no information stored in the file. However on my Mac, the ipfilter.dat file had a VLC logo (do not ask me why VLC), the .dat extension not being used on Macs.
  3. I went to the TextEdit app, opened a new file, entered the IP addresses that was needed to be in the filter, and clicked save as "ipfilter.dat". Mac would not accept the extension, but accepted both extensions for the file to be called "ipfilter.dat.rtf". I then proceeded to change the file name dropping the .rtf extension which Mac accepted and the VLC logo came on.
  4. I then transferred the file into the location where the empty ipfilter.dat is located. Mac asked if I would like to replace or keep both the files with the same name; I selected replace.
  5. I then proceeded to uTorrent client and simultaneously clicked ALT COMMAND , (COMMA) which brought up the preferences with the ADVANCED being on the extreme right hand side of the menu tabs. Here I verified that the ipfilter.dat file was set to enabled. I closed the preferences window.
  6. I then proceeded to the torrent and right clicked in the "Peers" column and selected Reload IPFilter.
  7. I now proceeded to the Message Log; where I had seen that the 1st ipfilter message on launching the client read "[00:00:00]  Loaded ipfilter.dat (0 entries)" and the 2nd ipfilter message for the session read "[03:34:08]  Loaded ipfilter.dat (0 entries)". I then realised that the entire exercise was fruitless; and wondered where I had gone wrong.
  8. I proceeded to close the client and relaunch the client in order to observe if that made any difference. It read "[00:00:00]  Loaded ipfilter.dat (0 entries)"
  9. I now had many more (9) Leechers claiming 0% complete with AWS IP addresses.

Please help identify which are the actions and/or steps that I had carried out incorrectly.



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Apologies to you DreadWingKnight


I managed to locate the "Make plain text" selection under the "Format" tab of TextEdit.


I entered the IPs and clicked save as "ipfilter.dat"


Moved the file into the folder location


Right clicked on "Peers" coloumn and selected "Reload IPFilter"


Swish they are gone.


It has been quite a learning curve for me.


Thank you so much for your explanations, guidance and responsiveness DreadWingKnight.


Take care.



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