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Sending magnet links to another computer on network for download


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Im looking for a simpler solution to download from magnet links on my home server,


Basicly I have a HP N54l server (running win8.1)  that has utorrent installed on it I dont access this directly


From my desktop I access utorrent from the GUI interface via local IP address

If i click a magnet link it starts downloading on my desktop,


The only way I can get it to download on the server (by using desktop) is, In the GUI click add torrent from URL....

and right click the magnet link in browser-->copy link location

then paste this back into the GUI add torrent  interface


Is there a way I can just setup my desktop to either send the magnet link to the GUI utorrent or Have the magnetlinks torrent file sent to my watching folder on server so the server automaticly picks up the file?  As i really want the files on server not desktop




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