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total remaining size in status bar


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There have already been a few recent requests for remaining size, the best of these being elaborated here:


And I absolutely want to lend my vote to such requests as well, but I want to further specify the status bar (at the bottom) as an area for improvement:

Is it possible to change the status bar to display total _remaining_ to be downloaded (as opposed to the current "downloaded so far in this session")? I am similarly (but not as much) interested in total upload size remaining until share ratio hit (on all currently/expected uploading torrents) or something like that to replace the session-uploaded size count. If not could this be added/changed -- I much prefer to watch my downloads get smaller rather than see how much I've downloaded since I last opened utorrent... Just isn't that useful to me. (uTorrent doesn't even tell me how long it's been since I opened it, or at least an average speed since I opened it so this session-downloaded number is even less useful!)

Thanks to the developer(s?) who make such an amazing bittorrent client -- this is _the_ best out there, and it just keeps on getting better.

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I was suggesting directly that this (an example of what my status bar might say at some particular moment):

Network OK | U: 20.0 kB/s (total: 200.0 MB) | D: 40.0 kB/s (total: 400.0 MB)

should be replaced with:

Network OK | U: 20.0 kB/s (remaining: 2.0 GB) | D: 40.0 kB/s (remaining: 4.0 GB)

I certainly don't believe this would be "overwhelming" -- we've got a huge status bar down there if you keep even half the available columns open -- in fact, I'm inclined to go yet one more step further and suggest this:

Network OK | U: 20.0 kB/s (2.0 GB remaining in 3 files) | D: 40.0 kB/s (4.0 GB remaining in 5 files)

I think that it is really helpful to have a quick count of the files in transfer. This number is available as popup help over the uTorrent icon in the system tray, but is not immediately obvious in the actual program interface, other than counting the icons.

I think the descriptive language "remaining", "in" and "files" makes this information much easier for uTorrent newcomers to understand what all the numbers mean, but you could always simplify even further and get this:

Network OK | U: 20.0 kB/s (2.0 GB / 3) | D: 40.0 kB/s (4.0 GB / 5)

Note that uTorrent already scales its total size count in the status bar so obviously this would go down to MB and kB as appropriate.

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OK, I can see my request being mildly confusing. I do NOT mean remaining on all torrents, period, only the combined remaining total for torrents which are _currently_ being downloaded. Plenty of people have requested a column for remaining on each individual torrent, I want to see that remaining total combined -- but across only the torrents currently being downloaded. And I want that at the bottom, instead of, or at least in addition to, the session count. I think this has immense value: I commonly want a guesstimate for the final end time for all my currently downloading torrents, but to do this with 1.1.6, and many other torrent clients for that matter, I need to take the total size of each individual torrent, multiply by 100 - percent complete / 100 (yes, or just 1.0 - percent as a fraction) and then add all these together (to get total remaining size -- the number this thread is about) then divide this number by the total speed to get a total estimated end time (i.e. accounting for some finishing early and their bandwidth going to other torrents that go longer, until all current downloads are finished). This is a pain in the ass with even 3+ torrents, not to mention 5-10+ on those really crazy torrenting days. If I have a total remaining size for the currently downloading torrents right next to the total download speed, then I can very quickly calculate an estimated end time for all my currently downloading torrents (total size remaining / total download speed). THAT is useful.

And, far more useful than the session size -- seriously, why do you need a running total of the day's "run"? You're trying to download only 300 MB each day, to stay inside your bandwidth limits? (This I can mildly understand, living in a country where monthly bandwidth limits are common -- but you can still manage this MUCH better with queueing beforehand rather than a running total in your status bar!) But then, if you really want to know that, just substract the remaining at the end of the day from the remaining at the start of the day and you have your number back. The current number (session-size) is, to my mind, only an amusement. (I might be missing something, feel free to point out its value to me.) What I suggest (current-remaining) has genuine value for planning purposes.

If you're so attached to the session-size, I think there's more than enough room in the status bar for both to co-exist.

The file count I suggested was also meant to count only currently downloading/uplodaing files. Again, this number is only available by manually counting the icons or by mousing over the tray icon -- I'd like to have it always visible in the torrent list, somewhere... like in the status bar.


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