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How can i provide full bandwidth for the first priority torrent else for remaining ?


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Hi Team,

                I have only 512 kbs download speed only , so i get max download speed mostly 50 kB/s.


I need to download 2 torrent at a time and give 100% usable bandwidth to first priority torrent and give remaining(unused) bandwidth to 2nd torrent 




1. If first torrent uses the full bandwidth(50 kB/s) to download then 2nd torrent should not download.

2. If first torrent uses only(30 kB/s) bandwidth to download then 2nd torrent need to take the remaining(unused only)(20 kB/s) to download.


is there any setting in utorrent to achieve this ? so that i can download one file faster and also use the unused bandwidth.




Below setting i tried but not happy 

1. I tried with 2 active torrent/priority but it takes 50/50 bandwidth only so download takes more time.

2 .when i tried with 1 active torrent/priority means , if that torrent bandwidth is low(30 kB/s) then ill be wasting unused bandwidth(20 kB/s).!!




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