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Port is open but nothing happens. BUG?


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Apologies if something similar was here .. i checked about 1000 of all troubleshooting ...


Network connection test ( Ctrl + G ):


So from the beggining of this test past 10 hours to here on forum,

I tested literally random port ... for each port I tested, result said .. "your port is open. Your network config is properly configured."


So i just thought i am fine, my torrents will seed shortly. Howerer, it did NOT seed any torrent i have on Seeding status even past 10 hours. ( I know they are seedable ).


So i managed to have just 1 port which i tryied to port forward ... It failed, because PF Check tests said it is closed port. HOWEVER, tests in uTorrent said i have an open port! And uTorrent icon turned to red triangle saying "Not connectable A firewall/ router is limiting your networt traffic .. blah"

So i checked enable windows firewall exception -> didn't help -> I disabled whole firewall -> didn't help, so i turned on my firewall. Re-Tryied portforward. Closed and opened uTorrent. The results were same as before, but the indicator was not red, but orange now.


Is is just a bug that uTorrent Network test says i have open port and proper setup? So I need to find new and successful way how to port forward my port?

Or just go cry in corner and sob about that i have unport forwardable wifi? :D

Or is there something else the hell is happening?


Thanks :)



Wifi-Router: UBIQUITI airRouter v XM.v5.5.6

Network mode: SOHO

WAN: DHCP, NAT: Enabled

LAN: DHCP enabled, IP: (range from .100 to .254)

Port Forwarded Port: 57500

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