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doent resume download after reconnect on dialup


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i am downloading some big files through utorrent. and i am using dialup. so i have made dialup so that it would automatically connect whenever it gets disconnected .i leave the utorrent ruuning .. but when it reconnects utorrent wont resume download it show in the download speed colam 0.0 ? i am running zonealarm pro 3.0.082 .. and when dialup reconnects zonealarm shows the mesage window which says it is connected and when i clcik it and then i stop the download and close utorrent and restart utorrent and restart the downlaod it would start ..... is there any way to make utorrent resume download automatically after computer gets reconnected to internet.(as it is running) as it was before disconnection without my intervention ?? i have no problem with this firewall anyhow should an upgrade solve this problem ? any ideas ?


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ya i noted zone alaram to be the problem (i think so) .. while utorrent is downloading a file and i kill the process vsmon.exe in Task Manager in windows xp the download rate declines to zero and stays zero (but the download never stops.. its icone stats it to be in downloading status) ...so i have to stop the download close utorrent and restart torrent and then file .. only then it works... in another case (thats mine now) when dialup gets disconncted ( even though zonealarm is running and utorrent is alos running) and it gets reconnected u torrent will show the download rate at zero it wont go above it .. ? i also suspect this to be the problem of zonealarm. even htough after restarting utorrent it works fine... but i want it to be automatic so if it gets dicsconnected in the mindnight and it gets reconnected utorent shuould start downloading .... so that my downloads go smoath.....

i will sometime try zone alarm 6 pro and see whether it would solve my problem...

thanks for ur response


:::::::::::You're torrenting over dial-up?!?! Be quicker to contact the seeder directly and ask 'em to post you a CD. wink:::::::::

sweatheart thats still very very very slow process (if economy is also included) i can get a 600 mb downloaded in 2 days ..mean while i am also a sourse of upload for other users and help spread torrentz.... any how cd wont reach Pakistan surely within 1 day even if u are sending it from USA. not India... ur option is nice.can be thought about it :)


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