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.!ut not removed from completed files after upgrading to newer versions


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This has now happened to me on a few occasions that after upgrading to a newer version, some of my completed files still have the have !ut for example filename.mp3.!ut or filename.avi.!ut. this happens to all files - text, word, excel, video, audio, executable etc.


Other than manually changing each individual file, Is there any way I can within uTorrent or another program? I literally have hundreds of files affected and to di this one by one will take me most part of a day. 


My current version is 3.4.2 build 38913.


Please, any suggestions will be most welcome.




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Thanks for your prompt response, yes I have, but it is not with all the files or folders.


So far it is in two folders, the one being a 144 GB folder with 1027 files and the other 750 Mb folder with 190 files. In the larger folder all the completed files with extension .!ut were duplicated as incomplete and in the process of re-downloading - I had to manually delete the duplicate downloads . The smaller folder all the files were completed and the folder then automatically moved to my completed folder but they all still have the .!ut extension. I haven't had time to check all the folders yet but at a quick glance it seems to be these two - on previous occasions it affected most of my folders.

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This feature goes all the way back to PCDOS 1.0:

Open a CMD prompt window, likely set to the Windows volume. (C:\Users\you> )

First change to the volume letter containing your MOVED (ie completed) files.

     C:\Users\you>H: <ENTER>

Next change to the specific folder:

    H:\>CD toplevelfolder\lowerfolder\moved-folder



    H:\toplevelfolder\lowerfolder\moved-folder>REN *.!ut    *.    [note the trailing period !]

Voila All .!ut extensions are gone!

HTH Doc 

P.S. Yes, there are free utilities avail to simplify this process, but you can now wow the GUI only folk.


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