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Cant install any game downloaded from torrents


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i'm not sure ive posted in right section or even right place but couldnt find any place better with problem i have.


Yesterday i started to get problems while installing games downloaded from torrents. Always used uTorrent and all worked fine. Yesterday got error while installing iso (attachment).

So ive tried:

- downloaded and tried games: Shadow of Mordor, Wolfenstein, Tomb Raider, NFS Underground, Resitent Evil HD Remaster. (all SKIDROW and CODEX)

All bump me an same error durring install.

Tomb Raider and NFS worked and installed on my pc before with no problems.


- tested 3 different torrent programs: utorrent, bittorrent, Tixati - same problem

- downloaded torrent files and game filed to each of my hard drives (SSD and standard 500GB) - still same error

- had Windows 8.1 - problem occured

- reinstalled system  to Windows 8 with no updates - same problem

- formatted both disks and did all cleaning stuff, removed and recreated partitions - same error

- pulled of one of installed RAM DIMM's - crosstest - same problem


My PC:

AMD FX 8120 Eight Core

AMD Radeon HD 6800

128GB SSD (system only) and 500GB WD (data disk)

8GB 1333MHz DIMM

Installed oryginal Windows 8 and before 8.1 Pro.


My PC works fine, Just installed Diablo 3 from battlenet - works fine. 

Do anyone have any ideas what can cause problem with error i have? 


Best regards,




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