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Disabling Automatic Magnet Links


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So I use uTorrent and my browser is Google Chrome, OS is Win7.


Whenever I would download a torrent I'd go to a certain page containing a magnet link to that torrent and click it, that would cause a prompt to appeaer in Chrome to approve running that Magnet link which calls up uTorrent and so on.

Lately one of my friends visited and we wanted to play a certain game, so he downloaded the game via torrent using a magnet link, but I didn't notice he approved automatic approval for magnet links operation, so what happens now, is that whenever I click on a magnet link, uTorrent comes up, but the prompt doesn't pop up anymore.


It may be something that one doens't need to be worried about, but I really want to have that promt back whenever I click a magnet link.

Is there any simple solution to doing this before I start uninstalling and installing stuff without knowing if it even helps?


Thank you.

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