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Im Uploading More Than Downloading


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So you get the same results with torrents from http://slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php ?

WoW This Is The Best Torrent File I Have Ever Seen Only Downloading With High Speed No Upload 

But I Was Downloading File With 6500 Seed And The Speed Was Bad + I Was Uploading Alot :(

So Is There setting I Can Change To Speed Up Download ? If No

Thanks Any Way :)

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The torrent you were originally downloading has a total of about 50 seeds and almost 1500 downloaders.

I don't care what the site you're using is claiming, it's got a horrendous bandwidth balance.

If you're not uploading at close to your line's limit, you have other problems.

What setup guide did you follow to configure uTorrent?

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