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Slow speeds when saving to network drive via wifi


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I keep receiving inconsistent speeds when trying to save downloads directly to my Mac mini HTPC. Im using uTorrent Version 1.8.6 (36417) on my Macbook Air running Yosemite 10.10.2 (14C1514).


At times they come down as quick as if they were saved directly to my internal SSD but more commonly the download speed doesn't rise above 100 - 200 kB/s, hovering around 10 kB/s the majority of the time with ratios like 419/109 so that shouldn't be the issue.


Is there something in settings I can change perhaps? Another message I commonly receive is "Flushing to disc: although this doesn't seem to pose a problem.


All help appreciated, thanks



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Its the late 2012 model. Tech specs as follows: 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking;3 IEEE 802.11a/b/g compatible


However, I've since plugged the mini directly into the router via ethernet cable and despite briefly spiking up to the dizzy heights I've previously been accustomed to, its now misbehaving again. A single 2GB movie will likely take 2-3 hrs to download at least at current speeds, I'm used to this taking 30 mins max.

All I want to do is be able to deal with all the admin on the macbook but use the mac mini as media server/storage. I've looked at uTorrent remote which is ok but I'd rather use the full program on the comfort of my sofa if possible.

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