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Really need help

Paul Stovall

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Thanks folks. Please help. I have a Toshiba L55 lap top equipped with Windows 8.1 and am using a Toshiba external drive. All my movies are stored there. My system crashed and I was force to 'refresh' thus losing my account with uTorrent. Upon reloading all my apps, I found nothing left on uTorrent. I still have all of my downloads and wish to get them back on to uTorrent  so I might continue 'seeding'. Is this possible? Please be kind and understanding as I'm VERY computer illiterate, I'm just not all too familiar with all the nomenclature, instructions and general knowledge as most would be and would need step by step instruction. Should someone choose to take mercy and dilute my ignorance with a dram of data....., I would be very grateful in any help I might receive.


Thank you for your time and concern,



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