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Not Getting connected to Local peer


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Hi guys,

I am using DSL conection of 512Kbps connection. And when I put something to downlaod on utorrent, I DON'T get connected to LOCAL PEER or the LOCAL SEED, even if there are local peers and seeders which I think could boost up my speed in return.  Please Help. :(


*While user from other ISP when downloading the same torrent get connected to local peer and download the file faster.


*My ISP is not throttling the Bittorrent speed according to the test of  www.Glassnot.com

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But, Admin.  There are local peers, and  Local seeds as well. Thats why am confused that, if its my problem or the ISP's  .


And also if the same torrent file is downloaded with other ISP than mine, they get connceted to local peer, and my question remains "Why can't I ? " even through the internet exchange (IX).

* Here's the image of number of local peers.(As you can see there is local seed and peers as well)


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