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Slow Seeding (Upload)


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Hi there i have U Torrent 3.4.3


Now While i am seeding i only get around 230KBPS Upload Speed My Internet Is Fiber 40MB i did speed Test and my upload should be 1.9MB Upload and 4.3MB Download 


Here Are A Few Pictures Of My Settings






Any Ideas Why My Upload Speed Is Low I seeded Many Different Torrents And i Have Yet To Break 250KBPS


I Use A Wired LAN Connection





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Because you're of the delusion that opening millions of connections is going to help you get good upload speed on a random-seek protocol.

So What Would You Suggest I Change The Global Maximum Number Of Connections And Maximum Peers Tab too If that's What You Mean Thanks 

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You seem to be taking hints from youtube setup guides.

That means for starters you need to reset your settings to default.

If you're just uploading, the defaults should work far better than the monstrosity you have.

Additionally, if you're worried about ratios on private sites, pester them about it, as their rules prevent effective seeding speeds.

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