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Share Ratio stuck at 0


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This is my first time Torrenting anything, I don't usually do it because I like to get most of my things legally. Only reason I pirated this was because the company that created the game stopped having anything to do with it in 2001, so I don't even think they'd see the $5 I'd have to give to amazon for the download. That said, It's been seeding for over 30 minutes, and I've read that it's expected that you have a seed ratio of 1:1. I'd wondered if this was the seed/peer ratio, but that's actually gone down from .785 to .62, then I found the share ratio which I believe is what I'm supposed to have at 1:1. But, it's not going above 0%. I really don't want to be that guy who's a jerk and doesn't do what's expected, but I don't want to have this running all day either with no purpose. What should I do?


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