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Files in Appdata and How to redirect them


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I have version 3.4.3 build 40298 on a Windows 7 pro 64-bit machine.  I went poking around in the roaming > utorrent folder and found that there are a lot of torrent files in there.  A lot of it is old; back from 2014 and 2013 (and even later)


So a couple of questions about this folder;


1 - is there a button in utorrent that flushes (deletes) those files?  Or a setting I missed that says to only keep the last 2 months worth?


2 - I may have missed this too, but I could not find a setting in the uTorrent preferences that says to put these files to a specified location.  Is this just a default location or can it be changed?  If it can be changed can someone point me to where the setting is?


3 - I see some files with the extension ".old" which I am assuming that these were from past updates.  How can I utilize these or should I delete just the old ones?  Probably pertinent to back up this folder and all it's contents.  Anyone's opinion on backing this folder up?


4 - I also see a file called IP filter updater, should I manually run this or does uTorrent run this at some point or maybe when I launch it?


Just looking to understand uTorrent better, thanks and I look forward to the answers.



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