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Torrents disappear


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This has happened before, I think I may have written about it here as well, but still can't understand what causes it.  I download a torrent, it starts downloading, giving an ETA, then next time I go to look at it to see if it had finished downloading yet, it has completely disappeared.


To be honest, I never thought to look before,  but I just opened the "new" folder in  Explorer and all the various torrents that have disappeared are still sitting in there. 



The two that I have downloaded and lost today, I just downloaded them again and they downloaded fine this time.  The two files that were in the new folder, have now gone from there and gone into the "completed" folder


I just don't understand how they can disappear like that

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Maybe you have enabled pref->directories->move-completed to ... ?


They are set to move once the download it completed, but they still remain in uTorrent, so that they can continue seeding.  Sthis is how I have it set.


I haven't changed any of the settings and the second time I downloaded them, they finished fine (and they are  still visible uin uTorrent, seeding


Thank you for the links above, I will study them

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