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  1. Build 29782 stuck on auto-update to 29812. Edit: After a few restarts, the update happened. Not properly mind you. I just closed the stuck(and blank) update progress bar, which kinda auto-restarted uT to the new version.
  2. On 29594 I cannot see any info on selected torrents(i.e. as if nothing is selected at all).
  3. A lot of times I add magnets they get stuck on status "Checked". Happens on 29472 and one earlier at least. Restart AND re-add fix it, but it's its too common to be a coincidence.
  4. 28993 crashes on me... Probably when in the metadata dl stage.
  5. Me too. More like introduced the bug for me instead of fixed it as it worked in the previous build. Note: I think this is the first beta build I've had a bug with and I'm with uT since 1.7 Heh... mazel tov I suppose.
  6. Download isn't working for me. As in the uT binary is missing from the download link at the start of the thread.
  7. I think I've discovered a memory leak or something. Look here: uT was running for something like 20 hours or so. This is basically after I shut down uT and the process ended.
  8. Yea... such a simple feature, yet so long delayed. Usually happens for large projects, they drown in their own bureaucracy, and nobody can get simple shit like this done.
  9. Switching between views(from the apps and offers to the torrents view) doesn't seem to work for me sometimes. More specifically, I was looking at the welcome app, then while still on it, I uninstalled it and now it won't switch views.
  10. coolstarhty, they're asking WHY, not IF. As for what I like in uT 2.... Well let's just say sometimes a lite version can be a feature. A torrent client just for torrents and not for social networking would be nice.
  11. Um... quick question. Since I trust you guys with the labeling and for me an "alpha" build is a wee bit too early to adopt, with the nearing of the 3.2.1 release(being at RC2 already), do you feel this is worthy of being upgraded to beta?
  12. Any timeframe on when you might deem it fit for public beta? I tend to trust you guys with the designations and alphas are a little to early in the dev cycle for me to be comfortable with.
  13. Best news in a long long time.
  14. So... just a question. Is the 64 bit version dead? Last update is from 4 months ago.
  15. Clicking on the ratings tab sometimes results in an infinite loop somewhere(the UI maybe? Cuz I killed the frozen thread and it still uploaded/downloaded as usual, yet the UI disappeared).