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  1. After looking through the web-based GUI's that might work with Opera Mobile, I stumbled upon this little gem... This works perfectly on my Nokia 6265i. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you!! =) EDIT: Okay *slight* bug. Nothing major. But when I delete a torrent, it stays in the list. Refreshing doesn't help. I have to exit the app, and reload. Not too big of a deal, and it's probably just my stupid phone. Also if it sits there awhile, it gets disconnected but doesn't seem to know it, so no action actually takes place. My phone does that with many applications though, and only a few manage to keep the connection alive. But again, this is awesome, and I'm quite happy with it, regardless of the little bug I found. =)
  2. Thanks as always, Firon. =)
  3. Hmm anyone know the difference between build 489 and 490? Ps. I just noticed the tray icon works fine under Ubuntu Linux now. I used to have it disabled because it didn't work properly. Works great now. Thanks to the uTorrent team, whoever that may be now lol =)
  4. molitar: I don't think you looked hard enough
  5. I would love to test this new feature. I can test it in IE and Firefox, and possibly others. I also use a variety of operating systems, including Windows Server 2003 and Ubuntu Linux. I'm not at my computer often, and usually I remote in to check my torrents. This would be a cool alternative. I would be happy to help. -Ares
  6. @lovepeace21uk: A quick search for "website buttons" on the forum led me to this: -Ares
  7. @Ar3s: Hahaha, yeah, around here, if you satisfy one person, another one pops up complaining and wanting the opposite. That is exactly why a lot of people here don't get their way, which is how it should be sometimes. Ps. Another Ares huh? So, which of us is the evil twin? Although, with Ares, I guess that would be an oxymoron. Hmm...
  8. @Firon: Sweet! I used to use mstIsUsedBy to figure out what was locking files, but it wouldn't let me unlock them (of course, killing the process usually did the trick). Nice little util, thanks. =) -Ares
  9. STAFFO & hin123: Thanks (I think? lol) to hin123, I was able to reproduce this. Don't just push the two buttons down together. Left click and hold on a main button, hold down the right button as well, then drag the mouse away from a button. µTorrent will then freeze. You may be able to continue clicking buttons normally, but they will depress and not come back up. You can give another program focus and then go back to µTorrent to fix it pretty easily. -Ares
  10. @microuser: Umm, there have been hoards of feature updates. I seriously doubt it was the icons. Just look at this huge list: I mean, Ludde "only" added like almost every decent feature request we've asked for, plus new icons, all in 25KB more code. I think he's doing quite fine from the "micro" perspective. -Ares
  11. @jhn195: It may be completely normal, depending on the torrent. For example, if it's an HBO show, HBO is actively poisoning the swarm. Be sure to use a good ipfilter list. You can get one from here: If that isn't it, it may be the encryption, as others have mentioned. Try running the OpenOffice torrent and see if you get hashfails (with encryption ON). -Ares
  12. @Firon: Hmm, perhaps it should be possible to enable it on a per-torrent basis, much like DHT? Just a thought. -Ares
  13. @Skynetman: You could always disable incoming legacy connections. That, and I'm fairly confident Ludde is working on a way to solve that problem. I have no proof, but I'm just judging by the "Debate over Protocol Encryption" thread. But this might just be why there isn't a final release yet - because he does indeed care. That, and I enabled encryption the second I saw it was a feature. I think as soon as people see the changelogs (if they haven't already), they will use encryption as well. But regardless, all you have to do is Force encryption and disable incoming legacy connections, and then you're sure to be encrypted. -Ares
  14. @TheDude: It sort of does make a difference for us shaped users. Because as soon as it's an "official release," hundreds of thousands of µTorrent users will be presented with the option to upgrade, and therefore support encryption. So all these torrents I've had queued up for months now, going at 5KB/s, will suddenly jump up to 300KB/s+ (And yes, there are quite a few µTorrent peers in my torrents, but none of them are betas.) BUT, I in no way am advocating a push for a release. Ludde will release it whenever Ludde feels like releasing it. Which I'm sure will be when he's thoroughly tested it and is confident that everything works as designed. You guys have seen the changelogs, he obviously is still finding kinks in the latest builds. And there's no reason we need to pressure the man by asking for a release date. He'll release it when it's ready. But I'm just saying, the encryption is why everyone, including me, is greatly anticipating the release date. Just think, if Ludde releases it now, and suddenly there's a fairly nasty bug discovered, that might cause people to downgrade back to a version of µTorrent that doesn't support encryption, or worse, switch from µTorrent to another program altogether. Though I hope that wouldn't be any of us, but still, it could happen. So yeah there are very good reasons for Ludde taking his time. Patience is a virtue, and good things will come to those who wait. So basically, let us all anticipate, not demand. =) -Ares