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  1. I'm just sayin it may have been a bit premature to release this to stable. I understand that users here have the option to test the alphas, betas, etc. and report what they find but how about the devs? Yup.. welcome to the post-BitTorrent acquisition µTorrent, where meeting the release schedule (regardless of stability) and monetization are more important than bugs from 10 years ago.They've been releasing and forgetting about outstanding bugs for several releases now, so I'm sure it's become impossible for them to track a lot of them now that they've been building on top of them for awhile. I maintained a huge list of bugs for a few versions too. Largely ignored, of course, so I've given up.
  2. [2013-02-01 10:49:07] Error opening Windows firewall: 0x80070005 Access is denied. Even though I have it set to allow uTorrent completely. Windows 7 32-bit.
  3. Your "RC" still doesn't respect the gui.default_del_action = 1 advanced option. My %AppData%\uTorrent folder is filling up with .torrent files. :/
  4. No It's a Christmas miracle! Thank god!
  5. The bug only occurs when apply limit to transport overhead is checked. Anyway, after some more testing it appears that option also breaks the upload limit. Just had it spike randomly up to 241kb/s when 90kb/s is my limit.
  6. Still makes it kaboom, but the disk cache is actually able to catch up in this version where it would just get stuck before, so... half way fixed? http://i.imgur.com/vFIG2.jpg You can see the gap in the graph before the disk writes start occurring. In that time the cache had exceeded its bounds (32mb) for a total of 140mb or so. It only does this with that overhead option enabled, as I've been saying since... oh.. 3.0. So far I haven't seen the upload exceed my global limit (90). I'll continue to test though.
  7. I'll give it a shot. Previously that was the option that made the disk cache go kaboom... Never noticed any problems with the upload though.
  8. Interesting.. the changelog WAS up. Briefly. But they took it back down.. Off the table indeed! Limiter is definitely working now. Haven't tested the transport overhead option out yet.
  9. Relocate now seems broken in 28679 [2012-12-07 10:35:46] Error: [filename.was.here].mp4 - Failed to relocate file [filename.was.here].mp4, The system cannot find the path specified.
  10. With 28679 I'm getting "NOTE: Settings file found in directory of executable; using that." Where does it like to keep the settings now if not in AppData where the exe now is?
  11. "Apply rate limit to transport overhead" still breaks EEEVVERYTHING to do with the disk cache. This is a longstanding bug, if you don't plan on fixing it then just remove the option. It would be the responsible developer thing to do rather than leave broken settings in for versions and versions. Also please make "Create subfo(lder)" remember its state. Every time the window pops up I have to uncheck it again since that's usually the way I want it. Thanks.
  12. Now we're talkin'! Thanks devs. Keep it coming.
  13. Yeah, or right click and click Resolve IPs. I think the idea being that its a lot of unnecessary connections and overhead to resolve them for country with no benefit other than visual.
  14. Just noticed the new "Create subfo" (folder?) option. Works great for those usage cases where you want 1 file from the torrent so you don't want it in its own subdirectory. Thanks for listening, devs.
  15. Torrents not getting removed from %AppData%\uTorrent seems slightly improved.. I think it might depend on whether its multiple torrents at once being removed from the list or if its just a single. Also, Cancel being the new default on the single removal dialog is annoying, please change it back.
  16. 28431 reset my columns again. Seriously? Longest reported usability bug, been promised a fix and you still haven't done anything.
  17. Global Upload speed limit still seems broken, but I think I know why. Setting the per-torrent limit works, and normally when you don't have a per-torrent limit set it shows as "unlimited" - SO, the reason global is likely broken is because of a derp in the code where per-torrent limit ALWAYS preempts Global, even though it should only override when set, or maybe not at all and always be a subset of Global. Setting bandwidth usage on the torrents to Low might also help. Edit: Nevermind... can't seem to reproduce this on a regular basis, or at least it still spikes to way above the global limit. :/ Please do fix the bug though. It's a huge usability issue in the alpha at the moment.
  18. Yeah, "Apply limit to transport overhead" is very broken. It still allows the disk write cache to balloon up, well over the maximum, like I reported, oh probably a year ago? And the rest of those bugs still all apply.
  19. Just noticed the alpha doesn't seem to be respecting gui.default_del_action anymore. I have it set to 1 (Remove and delete .torrent) but my %AppData%\uTorrent folder is still filling up with files. Edit: Seems to be because some of them are/stay locked?
  20. rafi, all you do lately is troll.
  21. Alpha doesn't handle a "." in the Name field either, breaks my usage case for a LOT of multifile torrents where I only really want 1 or 2 files. Apply rate limit to overhead still allows the disk cache to exceed its limit massively and pretty much all the bugs in my buglist from 3.1 are still valid.
  22. If the changes go through as originally planned and can't be disabled, then I'm sad to say that after using µTorrent for 7 years I'll have to switch to another client. I've already felt the need to start hunting around for an alternative in anticipation of the day it got too bloated to use, and it saddens me to see that the day will finally come.
  23. Can you please tighten up the left-hand side so the new Add Torrent dialog doesn't take up so much screenspace? Possibly make it proportionally resize? Right now only the right side resizes and this thing is just a monster.
  24. Interesting. Why this change? Especially considering neither of these trackers has worked at all for me (http or udp) for the last week or so.. Roughly since Demonoid went down.