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  1. Oh my gosh - you released it without fixing the problem the two 2.0 versions (exact build) can't connect to each other ("UNKNOWN" torrent bug). See here: On the right side you can see the incomming connection in the Logger tab. This one is also reproducable in my testenvironment (I have 12 test PCs under my controll).
  2. @Rafi, yes - a little bit.
  3. Is this the last RC? How close to release are we now?
  4. @Ultima: When WebUI uploads work with 1.8.5 but does not with 2.0 RC, why is it a wine bug? Edit: Sorry, got the problem by reading the thread. Thanks!
  5. Is there a solution available for the problem that you are unable to upload torrents via webui (linux/wine) and that two identical utorrent 2.0 rc2 (latest) won't connect to each other? If needed I can't reproduce this behaviour in our testfarm (3-12 pcs).
  6. Nope, its not purely visual. I've tested it with one seed and 2 other peers. ------------------------------------------ Setup 1: Seed: utorrent 2.0 RC2 Peer1: utorrent 1.8.5 release Peer2: utorrent 2.0 RC2 Result 1: Seed connects to Peer1 but not to Peer2. Peer2 connects to Peer1 but not to Seed. Seed says "unkown" in log. [will check what Peer2 says in log and write it here soon] ------------------------------------------ Setup 2: Seed: utorrent 2.0 RC2 Peer1: utorrent 1.8.5 release Peer2: utorrent 1.8.5 release Exact the same settings in each client (only the utorrent.exe was changed). Result 2: Seed connects to Peer1 and also Peer2 immediately. Peer2 connects to Peer1 and Seed. Seed doesn't say anything about an "unkown" torrent in log. So it seams that this problem is not only a logging problem bcs its reproducable every time. Switching the client back from 2.0 to 1.8.5 connects each peer immediately. Switching back to two 2.0 clients they don't connect to each other. Wired. Happy X-Mas all.
  7. Comparing 1.8.5 (build 17414) with latest 2.0 RC2 build. Bugs: 2.0 - upload (via web UI) on a linux system using wine is not possible (see earlier post of mine). Version 2.1 is throwing an error message saying that XYZ.tmp could not be loaded. 2.0 - incoming connections of IPs asking for "UNKNOWN" torrent. Changing to 1.8.5 the torrents are known and handled correctly. Its also strange that a 2.0 (build 17668) doesn't connect to another 2.0 (build 17668). The one system is using win the other ubuntu server 9.10 server x64 via wine. Both are connectable from the outside but claim that their torrents are "UNKNOWN". :-/ After chaning back to 1.8.5 everything works ok. No "unknown" torrents and connection to a 2.0 version is possible.
  8. @DreadWingKnight Sorry, isn't Ubuntu 9.04, its Ubuntu 8.04.1 samwild@91:~$ wine --version wine-1.0
  9. @Ultima, nope upload doesn't work. I am on Ubuntu 9.04 using Wine. Switching to an older version and it works, using latest version doesn't work.
  10. Hmmm, that might be the reason why uploading torrents via WebUI doesn't work anymore. Anyone else has this problem?
  11. Thnx Ultima. But the discussion is dead since 3 month. So I guess I am right. Dead discussion = dead protocol = no implementation. :| What ever - I am happy with uTP.
  12. Hi there, just a short feedback according to version 13910. - uTP is working fine - I get higher uploadspeeds to others using uTP. Normal uploads are a bit slower. - Only one crash during my test. I have about 30-40 torrents running (average). - The version is running on a linux root (wine-hacks enabled). So far so good. [offtopic] I am still missing the UDP Tracker feature (yes, I know - no interest about this here). But I was wondering that its possible to add a complete own UDP framework (uTP) but not the UDP Tracker feature which is now used by Vuze, XBT Client, KTorrent, XBBT, BitComet, Turbo Torrent, BitRocket, BitLord, BitSpirit, Libtorrent and FlashGet (see ) but not uTorrent? So its ok to shorten the traffic for the clients but not for the tracker? I am confused. Also, the announcement says: "What is not in 1.9: UDP tracker" Great - so we will never see this feature, right? [/offtopic]
  13. ShAQ

    BEncode Editor

    A really great Editor. Thanks for writing and sharing! FeatureRequests: - Editbutton on the left site (edit + -) bcs its an EDITor - Doubleclick on item = edit item - Possibility to move entries in list (upward/downward) - Possibility to include external binary code (e.g. a grafic or something) I also noticed that this editor is really great for php script websites! I have a webspace with no mysql. So I use files as a database. But now I am able to use multiple informations in one file thanks to you! I use this bencode.php library in my php script and it works great (with the examples). So it would be great if you could include upward/downward of list entries to your next release. Edit - BTW - Feedback: Your editor works great under wine (linux) too (until yet). I am using ubuntu here (I dumped my windows partition). Edit2: I am now linking to this thread on my signature. If others of you also like this editor pls to the same. Thank you.
  14. Tell me how and I will do ... So, is the dump still needed? Update: - I did a reboot - bug is reproducable. - build is uTorrent 1.7 beta 1085 Is there a newer version out?
  15. Found crash on uTorrent 1.7 beta 1085. Reprosteps: - Add a torrent and complete the torrent (see pic) - Close uTorrent after completing the torrent - delete the .torrent file used for download - restart uTorrent and click on the "torrent not found message" torrent ~ c r a s h :| This is reproducable everytime here.
  16. Long time - no answer. uTorrent and Webseed ... when will it implemented? And which protocol will it support? See also here: The second one is working fine with Azureus (tested) and a webserver with the php example script. Clients currently supporting at least one of the webseed specs: ABC, Anatomic P2P, Azureus, BitTornado, mooPolice, Qbittorrent, Torrent Swapper, TorrentFlux Source: More Info about webseeding:
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    WebUI v0.315

    I love you guys. FireFox for ever