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  1. Thanks for the constant development on this awesome little BitTorrent client.
  2. hendrix, in my opinion that looks like a mess I like the new category list, I don't use it yet but I like the fact it's there as an option for when I have more torrents on the go.
  3. Thanks Firon, weird that... wonder why it sometimes turns my micro symbol into a weird looking µ thing? character-set issues? I'll look into it. EDIT: haha has to work the one time I tried to MAKE it do it
  4. Great work Ludde, so much good stuff in this release compared to 1.4 I also submitted this to Digg here: if anyone frequents the site Digg it and draw attention to this 'cause once everyone is running 1.5 Encryption gets a whole let more viable for everyone. Can't wait to see what you've got planned for 1.6 Ludde
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  6. I quite like it too... but don't like the µ in that font for some reason. The logo itself though is nice, clean and simple, it's got my support.
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  9. I'm liking the idea of a robot called "micro" ( µ ). More than the bee or wasp anyway. That's partly what I had in mind with the tribal guy (he was a robot in one version).
  10. I wasn't offended... I was just interpreting your defending of your designs as a negative on mine (since we are the 2 main contributors). I can't put my finger on it, but if I had a guess I'd say your style has more of a commercial, clean, glossy, vector feel moving in the Mac style of things with the aqua, glass and reflections. My designs tend to be a mixture of various styles but have a certain 'edge' to them that I like to add that goes beyond the typical. Some of my designs have corporate elements like yours but I have been told there are influences from the 'scene' which come through (the old school scene back in the day, iCE, ACiD etc... not the ASCII stuff though the other artwork etc...). I personally like the original tribal guy just as he is because he IS simple, unique and odd and that's an important part of the design. Good logos can be monotone, and many often are. But what do I know anyway ... design is so subjective... you can follow formulas but that doesn't mean it will get you there 100% of the time.
  11. You implied it. Don't make me quote you, it's plain to see.
  12. Happy New Year everyone... Sorry, but I gotten bring it up, BloodStaindHurricane your attitude towards me, my designs and a few others around here seems a little "sour" at times, I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed this. Yes, we have different styles, and yes most of my designs aren't fully polished because I specifically stated that I would develop whichever ones people like the most. Please accept that and the fact that you can't please everyone all of the time - people are bound to like different approaches. I'm only doing this for my love of µTorrent, and I'm sure you are as well... please don't loose sight of that - believe me I want µTorrent to get the best logo possible - if I see a superior design that I absolutely love and I think suits µTorrent perfectly I'll drop whatever design I'm working on and put my full support behind it
  13. Sorry guys, been real busy lately, just catching up on all I missed. My wasp mock up was just a concept, if there's interest in that design I will develop it. It should get across the kind of style and angle I would use to approach a final design (there are obvious things missing of course; the wings for example). Everyone can see my work is different style from BSH's. I'm afraid I also agree BSH's bees are too "kiddie-like", no offence mate that's just the way I feel.
  14. Playing with the wasp idea ludde mentioned: * purely a prototype concept for now of course