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  1. Thanks for the constant development on this awesome little BitTorrent client.
  2. hendrix, in my opinion that looks like a mess I like the new category list, I don't use it yet but I like the fact it's there as an option for when I have more torrents on the go.
  3. Thanks Firon, weird that... wonder why it sometimes turns my micro symbol into a weird looking µ thing? character-set issues? I'll look into it. EDIT: haha has to work the one time I tried to MAKE it do it
  4. Great work Ludde, so much good stuff in this release compared to 1.4 I also submitted this to Digg here: if anyone frequents the site Digg it and draw attention to this 'cause once everyone is running 1.5 Encryption gets a whole let more viable for everyone. Can't wait to see what you've got planned for 1.6 Ludde
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  6. I quite like it too... but don't like the µ in that font for some reason. The logo itself though is nice, clean and simple, it's got my support.
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  9. I'm liking the idea of a robot called "micro" ( µ ). More than the bee or wasp anyway. That's partly what I had in mind with the tribal guy (he was a robot in one version).
  10. I wasn't offended... I was just interpreting your defending of your designs as a negative on mine (since we are the 2 main contributors). I can't put my finger on it, but if I had a guess I'd say your style has more of a commercial, clean, glossy, vector feel moving in the Mac style of things with the aqua, glass and reflections. My designs tend to be a mixture of various styles but have a certain 'edge' to them that I like to add that goes beyond the typical. Some of my designs have corporate elements like yours but I have been told there are influences from the 'scene' which come through (the old school scene back in the day, iCE, ACiD etc... not the ASCII stuff though the other artwork etc...). I personally like the original tribal guy just as he is because he IS simple, unique and odd and that's an important part of the design. Good logos can be monotone, and many often are. But what do I know anyway ... design is so subjective... you can follow formulas but that doesn't mean it will get you there 100% of the time.
  11. You implied it. Don't make me quote you, it's plain to see.
  12. Happy New Year everyone... Sorry, but I gotten bring it up, BloodStaindHurricane your attitude towards me, my designs and a few others around here seems a little "sour" at times, I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed this. Yes, we have different styles, and yes most of my designs aren't fully polished because I specifically stated that I would develop whichever ones people like the most. Please accept that and the fact that you can't please everyone all of the time - people are bound to like different approaches. I'm only doing this for my love of µTorrent, and I'm sure you are as well... please don't loose sight of that - believe me I want µTorrent to get the best logo possible - if I see a superior design that I absolutely love and I think suits µTorrent perfectly I'll drop whatever design I'm working on and put my full support behind it
  13. Sorry guys, been real busy lately, just catching up on all I missed. My wasp mock up was just a concept, if there's interest in that design I will develop it. It should get across the kind of style and angle I would use to approach a final design (there are obvious things missing of course; the wings for example). Everyone can see my work is different style from BSH's. I'm afraid I also agree BSH's bees are too "kiddie-like", no offence mate that's just the way I feel.
  14. Playing with the wasp idea ludde mentioned: * purely a prototype concept for now of course
  15. Had some time this evening, so messed around with some new ideas...
  16. BloodStaindHurricane I can understand your frustration, and must say your design work is of high quality, however as you mentioned early on in this thread it is indeed a tricky task to come up with something that represents µTorrent without using the µ symbol. Regarding ludde's recent post: Firstly let me just say I don't want any money for creating the logo, those are not my motives and I wouldn't accept any. I stated in my first post here I have been using µTorrent for a while and just wanted to give back to the community and the developers (just like you BSH). I just happened to come up with the (tribal guy) pygmy concept when brainstorming some ideas, it seems to work on some level and looked cool so I submitted it for consideration. People seem to like it. Please also bare in mind I haven't developed the concept at all (in order to save myself the effort and time I wanted to see if it was liked first), there is a whole lot more I can do with it in terms of colours and shading if that is required. As for relating it to µTorrent, I agree it's not perfect but it's a pygmy basically, they are small and some would say powerful and master's of their domain (the jungle) hell they're probably even fast (I don't know, never seen a pygmy run!) Pygmy's also hunt things... like hmm, I don't know... blue frogs On a few select levels the pygmy works as a mascot, it's also cute and friendly. But I agree with you BSH it's not ideal, but I'm not sure we will find the "perfect" logo for µTorrent. I liked your little spaceman, and the humming bird logo, both are pretty good concepts. I also agree with you about the 16x16 size, it doesn't have to be an exact replica of the larger logo (eMule being a good example of that). I'd be more than happy to develop the tribal guy further now that I know it's a likely contender for being selected. I shall do so and post back here in a few days (busy schedule unfortunately).
  17. For those that were interested in what a more shaded version of the tribal guy would look like... here it is: This version also brings out the "robot" feel a lot more as well.
  18. I've submitted my logo design for consideration by the devs - if they do like the design I will discuss possible changes/updates/enhancements with them. As far as re-colouring it, it was designed to be fairly minimal, much like the software it represents. Although I see no reason different shades of green and gradients couldn't be used to give it more depth and character. However as I mentioned I won't be taking it further at this point, I do think the basic concept is there for all to see and can of course be improved upon if it came to it.
  19. Thanks for the feedback and kind words everyone... glad you liked the logo As for where I got the inspiration from... I'm not entirely sure, I just started out wanting to create something "tiny and cute" that represented µ (micro) without the actual symbol. Before I knew it, it ended up turning into a tiny tribal sorta pigmy guy. The primary thinking behind the logo is: tiny, cute, friendly, compact, small. but using the little "warrior" character it also portrays: strength, pride, power There was also a subtle thing that MechR picked up on. The straight lines near his left eye. You can also see on the right side of his head it has straight edges. These were intended to show that he is in fact a robot. This side of him represents: digital, advanced, micro(chip), an application/tool. He's also monochrome, so would be easy to imprint onto something, have displayed in any colour you wanted, or featured on a cup/poster/t-shirt with only a single ink. Hope this sheds some light on the thinking behind the logo's creation.
  20. Another concept, something with no µ in it. UPDATED: to include possible icon sizes.
  21. I'm a new user of µTorrent, used BitComet previously, and ABC before that. So far µTorrent is covering all my needs and more and whilst using less memory and resources, it's a pleasure to behold. Saw the topic and the request for a logo and thought I'd throw my idea into the ring, would be more than happy to give back to the developers of this fine app