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  1. in the clubs/dancefloors/etc, God is a DJ - on the internet God is a programmer - and in IRL God is God! and thats that!
  2. hehehe.. Edit: looks like my boss!
  3. shrill, niiiiiice!!!.. i like it! maybe the sting could be a little rounder at the beginning nearest to the body!?!.. really nice! Vixen: seized???? Why?? For filesharing?? Where are u from?
  4. i like the first tribal u submited.. theese are ok, but the first one is much better, had more feeling.. imo the eyes could use some work (in the first guy).. but hey.. who am i??
  5. green is ok, but the red is better..!! if its better for µTorrent ill let the devs decide!
  6. BSH, wow.. exactly now maybe a tiny body, shield/sword?.. whatever.. its nice the way it is now, just wanna se what u make next!
  7. yaay, new logo!.. looking very good BSH! I dont really know how hard it is, but maybe make the viking a little bit meaner, angrier.. kinda?
  8. stop making babies and give us (read me) new logo submissions to look at!!
  9. wow, congrats!!!! So ppl do have time for other things than µTorrent??
  10. the cleaner one is alot better.. not quite "there" yet.. but nice tries!
  11. sweet, thanks! (btw please dont ever stop posting the changes... VERY helpful!!)
  12. An awesome example of your skills..!! I hate throwing in a but.. there always is a but.. well nevermind here goes i feel more for the tribal warrior, it has more of a personality! And the name "micro" for him is perfect, dont know if a ninja warrior could be called "micro"! The tribal warrior could be from a tribe called "micro" and when/if Ludde and CO feels like it they can release more software from the tribe "micro" - µOS, µMessenger, µAmp, µBrowser and so on..
  13. why? Its all made with fun.. im sure they wont send hitmen after us!
  14. then the tribal is great.. as shrill said, the tribal pygme is a hunter too!
  15. great, nice shrill.. impress us again!
  16. the bird is too serious.. the tribal is more "fun"/laid back.. i like the bird but the tribal more! edit: typo
  17. omg ppl.. we have a great ide (the tribal).. do it do it do it do it!!!!!!!
  18. haha.. lol.. am i the only one whos seeing sperms?? btw.. my vote goes to the tribal tingie, and second place goes to the aliens!
  19. kewl, so you have made a choice on which logo you will use?
  20. blood, really nice.. !!! but if u ask me the pygme shrill made still has my vote.. its more special.. unique.. very nice though!!!
  21. naah i dont like the sketches.. i think they are to plain.. if u care what i think that is! btw, dont get me wrong, its good work.. i just wouldnt like to se _that_ in µTorrent..
  22. you have my vote shrill.. untill i see something better.. hehe.. its a hard world!