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  1. rafi I would try if RC1 let me at least install itself So first I have to migrate back to 26419...
  2. Firon But won't you tell me why all the builds before 26419 worked well on Win8, and all subsequent don't?
  3. RC1 even doesn't start installation on Windows 8! I've got some dumps... comme l'habitude
  4. Oh no! Never, never that option to be available!
  5. I observed that effect on all versions since uTorrentPlus beginning up to 26419. Just because the last build 26462 hasn't started on my computer
  6. Nice and new build just doesn't want to start on my Windows 8 Three attempts = three dumps. Here you are: http://ifolder.ru/26962224
  7. 26462 even doesn't start at mine. Where to send dump?
  8. ...but unchecked Antivirus column returns back, again and again.
  9. Great idea, rafi!!! It was the solution!Long live the creative thinking
  10. Mac-the-Knife A page ago I've told it's always ticked. You are the third who gives me that advice, and that's a brilliant example of how the simple solutions don't work, sometimes
  11. Sir, how can I do that if there is no neither "arrow" (expand) tab as in previous builds nor even OK and Cancel buttons (see the snapshot)? And the right lower zone for expanding is inactive, either!
  12. As I wrote above this setting is turned on!
  13. By the way, I occasionally have changed my Adding New Torrent menu and lost an option of choosing files for download. Won't anybody help me to bring that necessary option back? The proper field in Settings ("Show files window in advanced mode") is checked but all I've got is castrated window offering Save As but not Save What Exactly That's what it looks like:
  14. goatie Maybe you either got a "poisoned torrent" as Firon says?
  15. It's a poisoned torrent. Find another one. I don't think so. Maybe the reason is it's got non-English (Cyrillic) name?
  16. 1. When downloading file the peers list suddenly becomes empty though the process is going on and 45 seeds are active. 2. My file (307 Mb) has been downloaded at 52% yet but total incoming traffic is shown as 884 Mb. Is that because of increasing quote of service traffic (I doubt it) or drastically increased amount of banned peers? UPDATE: I see several hundreds FAILED HASH CHECK messages in my log - they appear every 5-10 seconds. I guess that is the reason. UPDATE 2: 95 of 138 seeds' IPs are "banned until forever" during this session! UPDATE 3: At last all (!) seeds were banned... UPDATE 4: Summary: file downloaded. Size - 307 Mb. Connection speed - 1 Mbps. Duration - 6 hours. Amount of pieces failed hash check > 4.000. Consumed traffic - 1.9 Gb... Awful!
  17. Build 25835 removes anti-virus from Plus... at last?
  18. Every time I click the link "Alpha testers: Leave feedback" disabled "Anti-virus" column in client returns back.
  19. Does it mean we have to uninstall TransCode and let client download and install new version?
  20. 1. During attempt of anti-virus update by demand its progress bar stops at 67% and the process never gets compete. 2. When I try to uncheck "Anti-virus" column from view settings after some time it returns back again.
  21. Just wanted to give a chance for new µChat on build 25329. Unfortunately I couldn't do it because of deadly freeze every time I try to click "Find Content" or "New Apps" panel:(
  22. 25329 at last starts and works on mine - that's good in itself.