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  1. The latest build of Utorrent i.e. 3.3 alpha is crashing on Windows XP SP3.... when running on portable mode i.e. Settings.dat file in same directory.... Utorrent beta 3.2 is working fine.... IS this because you are using Visaul Studio 2010 compiler for compiling utorrent???? Please help See:-
  2. Thanks to all uTorrent devs and the P2P community. The Best App for Windows ever. I use uTorrent and its the best. :-)
  3. Hi, Is it true that Swift protocol of Next- Share is better than uTP..? (Ref. Can devs shed some light on this .....:| It is being implemented in Tribler. Is there any plan to implement this in uTorrent in near future... ? Thanks.
  4. I've mentioned this a couple of times' date=' I end up labeling everything and having to click to sort quite often.[/quote'] Labeling is good... But if you have many torrent belonging to same type or category ... Labeling can get messy and may require some thinking and effort from user. Whereas Search feature of Transmission is awesome... All modern software that display list of data have a real-time search feature nowadays (even Windows and Mac itself have it in explorer and finder.) utorrent devs should try to include this... Its a must. :cool:
  5. I've deleted everything in that Options window .... There are no breaks, spaces....., anything entered in that window whatsoever .. but still nothing works :|
  6. {1} How can I remove the utorrent Search bar. Its practically useless (Since myself download torrents from Firefox while browsing torrent websites, I don't use IE). Any suggestions??? ( FYI : I tried to remove all Search providers form uTorrent but that does not remove search bar). {2} Also can the utorrent devs make the search bar behave like that in Transmission (where Transmissions searches for the text entered in search box in real-time from the list of torrents being downloaded. That's is an awesome feature. )... Thanks a lot. PS. : I'm running utorrent 3.1.2 (26773) on Windows XP