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  1. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The system is designed and works the way any transaction can either be successfully completed or rejected and in this case BTT would return to the in-app balance in Speed. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a lot of time to reject a transaction and that looks like a “stuck in pending state” from the user experience perspective. We are working on improving the interfaces and speed of resolution for exchange services.
  2. Please note, earnings depend on a variety of factors such as the demand for the file and network connection. BitTorrent Speed operates as an open auction where earnings and spending depend on supply/demand balance. In simple words, if seeded content is in high demand and other users are ready to pay for it the earning would be significant. The amount of seeded content itself doesn't define the amount of BTT earned. The same logic is applicable to spendings. If you want to avoid spending your BTT, you can set up where you can earn BTT but not spend. To do that, simply turn the "Speed Increase" toggle into the "Off" state. Your ability to download won't be impacted, but there will be no increase in speed. You might see the balance changing within 24 hours after switching the Speed Increase toggle off. This happens because, when you bid on a piece of data, your BTT go to escrow first and stay there until you complete downloading the piece or until 24 hours passed - whichever comes first. If the piece was successfully downloaded, your bid goes to the seeder. If the download was not complete, BTT from escrow will be transferred back to your balance. For any other question or doubt please do not hesitate to contact us, you can also visit BitTorrent Speed's FAQs for more useful information about BitTorrent Speed.
  3. You should be able to do it now. We restored the Exchange service.
  4. Hello there! The Speed Exchange services are down for a few days for maintenance. We are going to test and deliver an upgraded version of the Exchange soon to help our users solve existing transfer issues. Thank you for your patience!
  5. Once in a while wallet balances reconcile and that may lead to earnings looking like some BTT "disappeared" or BTT balance increased. Of course, users do not complain about the latter We are working on making the interfaces reflect the actual earnings instead of projections. The patch should be delivered this quarter.
  6. @boboev it would be great if you keep the whole screen including the calendar/clocks kept on the screenshots so we could check the database records. In general, we know where the problem is. We are working on the improvement for the issue. Thank you for the patience.
  7. I am seeing at least one successful in-app to on-chain transaction in your history: I am not seeing the 1000 BTT transaction you were referring to. Also, please attach your Speed dashboard and transaction history screenshots. Thanks
  8. @SongJinsoo what is the wallet address shown in transactions when you send or receive BTT to of from your in-app balance in Speed?
  9. Please DM me your wallet's public address and screenshots from your Dashboard and Transaction History screens. Thank you.