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  1. Thank you for the program and it is so amazing >> Thanks This is a simple present from me >>> enjoy Thanks so much
  2. Here is mine >> Orange utorrent download full topic
  3. Joy


    I beleive in utorrent that it is the best..I tried the same torrent in utorrent and bitcomet...the fast one was utorrent..and I found a flaw of bitcomet that when it downloads anything you must recheck...and sure you will find missing data...unlike utorrent which download everything of the torrent safe, complete and sound...
  4. Joy


    I am sure that utorrent is clear not way to do an illegal activity...I am sure those who spread these articals are other bittorrent clients...since utorrent clear page has spreaded all over some webs that you can trust like gusse who did that is an evil jurk and stupid one...after this event will be cleared..not only utorrent cleare activity will spread but shall discover who is behind this...I hope that stupid person who spread these fake facts to be caught soon..
  5. what a really cool utorrent..this new one Build 429 is really cool.. the icons and the one... but I prefer for utorrent has its uniqe skin photos... not from the listed is really cool
  6. is cool.. but why the files that are inside the torrent is upside down.. it was cool before..normal way.. does any body agree?