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  1. is there an option to disable this reporting/connecting to the utorrent server? I can forsee a FUD storm that's sure to arise once people start using 2.0 and noticing these connections in their logs.
  2. jaimpe: see if this fix works -
  3. wine 1.1.29 and utorrent 1.8.4 (build 16381) are working fine for me. I've had no problems since using the workaround for 1.8.3 mentioned in this thread:
  4. user9475

    µTorrent WebUI

    thanks for the fix, works great now.
  5. user9475

    µTorrent WebUI

    using the latest version in the first post (07-25) when clicking on a column (Name, Status, any of them), it won't do anything. instead I get this error: [10:56:19] JS error: [1] j is undefined
  6. any reason for this change? doesn't really make much sense, considering that all of that status icon sets on the skins page are horizontal. (or maybe I'm missing something...)
  7. did you read the rest of the first post?
  8. yay for my bug being fixed (according to the trac). hopefully we'll see the forthcoming release soon so we can squash more bugs. thanks for all the hard work and effort.
  9. opened a ticket for this one: when highlighting more than one torrent, and applying a label, it applies the label to the last torrent in the list. none of the other torrents get a label. tested in firefox 3.0.1 and IE 7.
  10. it's going to seriously suck if private site operators decide to ban the client over this. as the pack mentality often dictates the trends, I see it coming...
  11. I'm not going to give it away... just wanted to let them know what they're in for
  12. edit: I found the egg, but ultima doesn't want me to let you know, so I'll edit it out of respect note: it was just a spoiler, not instructions on how to find it...