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  1. How strange, it seems like US flags really do disappear when using custom TLDs...

    I tried with unix and dos line feeds, no difference. Removing all US mappings didn't make a difference either. Maybe it's a bug...

    Removing all mappings doesn't matter, peer.resolve_country simply doesn't work with a flags.conf present. I guess it's to prevent conflicts between the two?

  2. Browser: Firefox 1.5RC1, IE6 SP2 as a backup

    Email: Gmail

    Video player: Media Player Classic

    IM: AIM

    IRC: mIRC

    Music Player: Winamp

    Audio Editing: Goldwave, MediaCoder (transcoder), LAME 3.97b1

    Video Editing: VirtualDubMod, the entire TMPGEnc suite, WinAVI

    Image Browsing:ACDSee 5.0

    Image Editing: FotoCanvas 2.0

    Text Editing: UltraEdit-32, notepad for really simple stuff

    Hex Editing: XVI32 and UltraEdit-32

    Archiving: WinRAR and 7-zip

    CD Mastering: Padus DiscJuggler

    Image Burning: Padus DiscJuggler, Alcohol 120% sometimes

    Drive Mounting: Daemon Tools

    Antivirus: Good computing practices :lol:

    Antispyware: SpywareBlaster, Spybot S&D (immunize function only)

    Bandwidth Monitor/Traffic Shaper: cFosSpeed

    FTP Client: SmartFTP

    Office Software: OpenOffice 2.0

    HTTP Server: Icecast2 Win32's fileserve feature XD

    FTP Server: Serv-U

    Disk Maintenance: PerfectDisk 7

    Hash checking: fsum to create, QuickPar to check

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