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  1. Okay. So, on Windows 8, it's not possible to do fast allocation of files, since it requires the admin token. You might as well turn on pre-allocate to take the penalty at the beginning of the torrent instead of randomly in the middle.

    RAID1 is pretty slow for writes (usually a little slower than a single disk), so that's not going to help your performance too much.

  2. The same problem as Flep had at the same situation: Windows 7 x64 was installed two weeks ago, Task Manager says that uTorrent takes 30-50 MB, but the total amount of memory in use is 3.6 GB (with 4 GB total in system). When uTorrent process ends, the amount of used memory is reduced to 1.7 GB (so system usually have in use after reboot). I don't know what it is, but it is obviously related to uTorrent. (Of course, the problem has appeared recently — with one of the last betas of 3.3.)

    Windows uses memory for caching. Just stop fretting.

  3. I've read it. Can you please explain this screenshot?... Some side affect of an old setting? A new design?... What should I do, to remove the "Apps"/"New Apps" node ?... :P


    right click on the node and hide it.

    Still, it should be auto-removed, I think.

  4. The µTorrent 3.3 Stable build 29038 "Language Pack" at http://www.utorrent.com/scripts/dl.php?build=28500&client=utorrent on the Download page http://user.utorrent.com/downloads is different than the automatically downloaded from µTorrent 3.3's Help | Download Translation menu....

    Which one is the latest/correct one?

    They're both out of date. I just updated them, though. If you use the one in the help menu, you should get an updated copy.

  5. 3.4.28462

    Installer sets executable path to %appdata%/utorrent instead of %programfiles%/utorrent

    Installer does not offer option to change default installation location.

    Yes, that's the whole reason for 3.4. Can't be installed in Program Files to do autoupdates without UAC.

  6. I see the sponsored torrent came back on the interface... but then it would when you changed/removed the wording from sponsored_torrent_offer_ to offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_ :rolleyes:

    Another delve into the advanced options to turn something else off.

    It only changed the display name, not the internal name. If you had the setting off before, it should stay off.

  7. That's because the trackers haven't updated their "whitelist"

    If this were true' date=' then no matter what version of uTorrent I would use, I would still be banned. Obviously they have updated the "whitelist" or else I would be banned no matter what uTorrent version I used. This only happends with 3.2.2 (RC1) AND 3.3 alpha. After I downgrade to 3.2.1, its fixed and it says working as it should be.

    I have a feeling it has something to do with this:

    -9 Change: Randomized Peer ID might not suit some private sites. An option is needed to enable/disable it


    nope, your tracker hasn't updated the whitelist to allow 3.2.2.

    and that option doesn't apply to private torrents anyway.

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