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  1. I try this version since it's released. I just want to say I'm done for BitTorrent, Inc products. I know how to hide ads, I know how to config most in advance options. But overall of the program disappointed me include many critical bug which I can't accept. I using utorrent about 7 years and very disappoint in BitTorrent, Inc. utorrent is now die from me, try to find other client or some old good version even it's have a security risk. Ludvig I miss you.
  2. I can't see a benefit after "BitTorrent, Inc" acquired uTorrent, many thing I realy dislike in newer version. Many of options should be plugins not core client. I think the good thing of newer version is only UTP protocol. It's look like they try to make torrent client to have full option but I think they making torrent client to othing thing and I feel like uTorrent running away from me. I know I can use older version but how about compatibility and security which I really concern.
  3. Version 3.1 stable (build 26616) still hang after count to 1 second, I was try on all option.
  4. Auto shutdown problem, It's do nothing after countdown to 1 second. I believe this stable release is most very ugly.
  5. App column still show and not have in list. I believe 3.1 will release stable version on RC20. Thank you.
  6. - Change: hide 'App' column by default It's not even have in list in Version 3.1 RC5 (build 26545) and still show by default. Whole detail info are bugs, It's not refresh, I can't believe it's RC, Great! It's just me? This version intend to not update detail info? If it's that so I think it's should have option to chose interval for refresh detail info and option to on and off.
  7. I already try 3.0 final release. Everything seem fine, skin and I like progress bar in soft color. Question. It's bug or intend when I downloading, In 2.2 it's will show peer list on Detailed Info if I selected and will not show peer list when not select or click on empty space on top but in 3.0 when I click on empty space, peer list still on "Detailed Info" which this is not on 2.2.
  8. Look at the Changelog: - Change: Added advanced option: gui.enable_sidebar_buttons Oh! Sorry it's seem I have to learn about 3.0 config. And it's crash after I do something I cann't remember because after I cann't hide sidebar I instant uninstall and back to use 2.2.1, I will try 3.0 again on stable release. Thank you.
  9. I really cann't accept that when I hide category list and it's still have a bar.
  10. It's still on proceses after close even Windows 7 SP1. Great. I thought it's has been fix, I doubt it's on uTorrent or Windows? After final release if it's not fix it's time to back to 1.8.5 for me.
  11. My system connected to the internet everytime before exit but it's still in there and not exit for ever. It's not responding before exit and still in process for ever. This great!
  12. Still in processes after exit, It's use about 10 MB, Damn!
  13. Utorrent still in processes after exit program, Try to restart Windows and do it again, It's same. Utorrent Version 2.2 (build 23774) Windows 7 32 bit, Ram 2 GB.
  14. You do not understand his purpose.
  15. ipv6 installed log on start utorrent is very annoying for me. If not used then show this log for? Remove it, please. Actually, I think it's should not show "about ipv6 installed" even if using ipv6.
  16. Download speed goes down from 2.0.4. I am sure of it and take 2 days for test, May be it's because from seeder using 2.0.4 but when I back to use 2.0.4 download speed explicitly faster than 2.2.
  17. Very very slow when setting in option and click Apply or OK.
  18. 2.2 on my PC. CPU: less or equal RAM: 200 MB On previous version I override to 600 MB but it's not use follow by that so on 2.2 it's use 200 MB I think it's good for me, I do not sure it's use in cache only or not but on "disk statistics" read cache use 160 MB. How can I enable or disable app? I only see three btapps in option but I do not think there is. Can I uninstall app? I think I did not see any apps on 2.2.
  19. I just try this RC5 today. Skin look great.
  20. Password-protected boss key. I do not see what a profit of this option. I have not ever use this version yet but what happen after end process or restart windows then start it. Do not misunderstood of me, I just want to know.
  21. Still not download file which have 0 byte, It's a text file without data inside but I do not understand why it's not download. Intend or bug and why? I just want to know what exactly why.
  22. Thank you very much for this free software and I hope it will be free forever. I like uTorrent because I can move, sort, hide column, I can select to show or hide category list. Every column I can expand or move or hide by freely. I really like program which can do these. I like all options of uTorrent, It have all what I need, for example options on UI Settings and Directories, I really like it. I use classic theme on windows seven and uTorrent can apply this theme completely, This is one reason to use uTorrent. My first client is Bitcomet then I try to use uTorrent because Bitcomet have many advertisement, especially pop-up type. I do not understand why people like to advertise like that, I think if a product is really good. It's not neccessary to advertise. Like uTorrent, it's really great no need to advertise and people come to use and support. One thing which I figure out is an advertisement pay a money. That is all. I think it is not worth for decrease amount of users. I use uTorrent since 1.7 and I was try to other many times but last I back to uTorrent. uTorrent is the bittorrent client which very very fits to me. 2.0.4
  23. Local Peer Discovery is not disable, I unchecked in option but on tracker tab is active. ... It's disabled, I think it's come from switching version because I swithch often.
  24. @rafi May be it's use old config from previous version because I change very frequently but normally I disable on both.
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