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  1. utorrent 3.0 alpha build 21340 So we can really hide our IPs now when we use utorrent? What does the one about DNS lookups mean?
  2. Where is the option to bypass the nanotorrent redirect? I can't find it. Also, The autoshutdown thing, it will shutdown when it completes the seeding goals and not just downloads right?
  3. How would you do that I dont believe the FAQ answers that.
  4. Vike


    Ex Azureus user Azureus was just a poorly done program in my opinion. It was buggy and a resource hog. I heard about utorrent and how it was supposed to be the best bittorrent client out there. I tried it out, never looked back since. It is simple, yet as efficient as all other bittorrent clients. I'd never think of using anything else. I now use Shareaza too, but I still use utorrent for torrent files because nothing is better and frankly shareaza sucks when it comes to torrents. :-D
  5. Vike

    Great programs you use

    Doesn't BS player have adware?
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