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Torrents are jumping back below 100%


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Hello everyone.


I've got a new computer and things are going crazy (maybe its random). I've tried downloading some stuff the last days and got quite the same problem everywhere.


  1. I get 100%
  2. Im trying to use the files
  3. It says the files are corrupted
  4. Forcing a recheck on µTorrent
  5. Dropping below 100% and downloading a small part again (Mostly like 8MB / 12MB / 16MB)
  6. File is back to 100%
  7. Then either it is finished and I can recheck it or it tells me in a short second "Flushing to disk" and jumps back to 99% or something like that.

Until here its not a big problem. BUT. After starting redownloading Im stuck in a loop between 5. and 6. Sometimes 7 appears and it goes back automatically.

I now got this problem with multiple torrents. On some of them people tagged them as working fine.


My system:

Windows 7 Professional SP1 (Up to date)


Temporarily virus-software uninstalled

Temporarily firewall disabled

Temporarily switched my computer to dmz-server on my router (all ports open).


Already went throught a chkdsk for my SSD and a stress-test for my ram. I hope there is someone with an idea. I dont think I picked bad torrents. Cant be that much random. I was facing about 4-5 torrents the last days with these problems.


A little notice: Im not that pro into torrents. So please bear with me if there is a obvious mistake.

Thanks a lot!


Screenshot: (I guess it looks normal)


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What types of files are they?


In the most cases these are archives like RAR, BIN or ISO (Image). What I also see a lot is a loop with the last 8MB. It starts over and over again. Sometimes it even jumps back to something like 60MB. Seriously weird thing.


By the way: This 1-post-per-day restriction sucks a bit. No serious discussion possible for me here.

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