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This is going to be a bit long.


I have been using utorrent for a long time and am usually someone who installs updates manually (dont usually allow shit to auto-update unless I do it myself unless its super important). 


I had Utorrent installed on my laptop for some time. A few weeks ago I decided to update it. I went to the official Utorrent site and downloaded the file. It was a 1.9 MB executable named Utorrent.exe.


I double clicked it and it updated and launched as it usually does. 


This version of Utorrent made me go "WTF?!?". The design was skinned down. There were torrents listed according to catagories but it felt like I was looking at a webpage. I shook it off as shitty design in some new update while creators try to "innovate" and might be fixed in the newer versions. Reminded me of the really old version of Utorrent. Meh. Who cares I thought, as long as it lets me do what I want. 


I closed Utorrent with no second thought and downloaded the torrent file that I wanted. Double clicked it as usual and utorrrent loaded up. I noticed something I did not before at all. The numbers of torrents are listed in the catagories all right, but they are not showing up at the right side at all. I attributed this to a loading problem and waited and waited and waited double clicked it and the this program is not responding thing showed up. I closed utorrent. Shut it down from the task manager and then tried again. The same thing. The torrents never showed up.


I restarted and tried. nothing. ..


I uninstalled utorrent cursing at the devs for making it shitty rather than the lightweight awesomeness it was before and thought of installing another torrent client. So I did.


I downloaded Bittorrent from its site and oddly the file size showed up at 1.9 MB just like last time. This looked odd but I didn't much care at this point because there was something I needed to download yesterday.


Double click. Install. All the same. Problem is, as it started up, I realized I was looking at the exact same thing as Utorrent. The same skinned down menu. The same places for the ads. The exact same ads. The same format as before. It was almost like someone scratched out Utorrent and replaced it with Bittorrent. I waited a  bit and the same thing, the torrents, completed or otherwise never showed up on the right. 


Major Alarm bells went off in my head, something just went from probably gets it to definitely 100% sure of it. I immediately uninstalled bittorrent and deleted its installation file. 


I ran Malwarebytes in chameleon mode and a lot of antiviruses, many viruses were caught. Got a better antivirus which monitors my each and every connection. Ran a scan with it.


During the scan it caught some infections, turns out it was the utorrent install files(1.9 MB) I had forgotten to delete (yes I actually downloaded it multiple times due to the confusion during the first fake utorrent install).


Now my question is, although my PC shows no viruses now, but because I installed a potential virus on it and let it stay for sometime, will there be any repercussions? It got uninstalled from the control panel but being a virus could it have installed files into other directories?


Sadly I didn't take any screenshots because of the fact that I was completely ignorant of it all until realization hit me and I went into a state of complete panic and frenzy.


But I do have a screenshot of the antivirus scan log.




Has anyone faced this problem before? If yes please help, or any advice if possible. I have posted this on other forums to only get ignored. If you have read this far then thank you very much, I'm sure many people stop reading because of my poor writing style.


I'll include a TL;DR for the lazy.



Manually updated Utorrent. Looked Weird. Tried BitTorrent. Exact Same thing of same size. Turns out to be fake virus program. Uninstall. Antivirus Ensues. Now no infections but need advice if still in danger zone and if anyone faced same problem? Scared that program must have installed shit in other directories.

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Screen shot other then utorrent UI doesn't help. And any problems you have with torrents isn't utorrents fault and you need to contact the torrent maker about the problem. And what file and site are you talking about giving general here and there doesn't help narrow done the problem. So we need site and name to have other verify what your saying.

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