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Version 2.2.1 Issues: Self-restricted and slowed download speed, locked uTorrent process, unfinished re-checking of torrent, and auto-rechecks


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For the first time since having used an older version of uTorrent (2.2.1) for a year or two now, I have been getting the following errors these past few days:


- Download speed from fast (corresponding to my optimum download speed) to slow i.e. from a total download speed of 300+ kbps down to just 50 kbps (not necessarily caused by the ISP, or so it seems)

- Could close uTorrent but still leaving its background process active and locked (closeable via the task manager, however)

- A certain torrent won't get past a certain percentage when re-checked

- It auto-rechecks upon startup of the computer as if though it was not closed well


Any ideas on these issues?

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