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How do we find our "client identification string" ?


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The operator of a torrent site that only lets in non-abusive clients says he's happy to add my uTorrent Android 3.13.198 (build 40913) to his "approved clients" list but he can't find the client identification string for it.  He writes:

Here is am example of how a client identifies

uTorrent/345(109814512)(41712) -UT3450-ð¢Hm¤4JðÙô§
uTorrent/345(109814601)(41801) -UT3450-I£«T‹ÑEÄļú

...I was thinking this would surely be visible in my SETTINGS screen of my android app, but no soap.  Can somebody at utorrent explain?

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It used to be like this:


uTAndroid/3300(29754)(embedded)(29754)    -BA3300-


but it now looks like its adopted the normal windows format which does make it a bit hard to distinguish between an android version and a windows version...

uTorrent/340(109092817)(40913)  -UT340-


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The sysadmin at the torrent site I'm trying to work with posted this head-scratcher on the topic:


What I don't understand is on the google aps store page it says..



What's new in uTorrent 3.8-3.13
core & DHT fixes
tools update

now does that mean that versions range from 3.8.3 to 3.8.13 or what?
It is very confusing.
Also the PRO (paid for version) will have a different ident & I do not own the paid version so I cannot test that. Google Play does not list ANY version numbers for the PRO version.

I also wonder if different android versions receive different versions of uTorrent and that's why it mentions 3.8-3.13. They sure do not make it easy.

I thought maybe I could use their torrents if I downgraded from the PRO version to the free one ... and found there is no way to do that.  I can uninstall and reinstall the entire utorrent app, but it always automatically "upgrades to pro" on install and there's no option for not doing that.

Why in HEAVEN'S NAME can't you guys have an absolute minimum of indentification strings and just publish them all at this forum?   I would like to use uTorrent and the site in question would really like to support it as a major, popular app, but you're making it impossible.


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