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Copy files instead of moving completed downloads to another drive


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I don't know how newer uTorent do this I still happily use older uTorrent version which works without any issues except for the odd crash now and then more so with when a download completes it crashed during completed download moving.

I think also maybe because the hard drive has started the next one and write/read is not so asynchronous as it could be that utorrent or the drives struggle to do so. Windows at the best of times would struggle. Well that is windows maybe problem or also FSB problem for bandwidth.


When complete download uTorrent Moves completed download to another drive:\folder I do this so makes the process faster for uTorrent and the OS also so the seeds can seed from a different drive. So not compete with downloading. Lessens the drive wear for each HDD used one for reading one for writing.


Is there an option to make also older uTorrent Copy files instead of Moving two reasons.

1. When a crash occurs during this moving will mean split folder and so need downloading partly or more again depending on how much data is lost.

2. When a crash happens copying it wouldn't lose any data.

I have had this happen a few times and always it was with many GB files where if files were copied the downloaded data would still be in the download folder and part in the copy to folder.


A suggestion could also be where newer uTorrents to have an option to Zero Erase (1 times) the data after Copy or Move has completed rather than delete after copy has completed (or move for those that prefer to use move).

Also include maybe an option for uTorrent to pause until any Copy/Move is completed. When downloads will be moved or Copied to another drive, more so for those larger downloads, if not all downloads.

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