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ipfilter.dat working? not show in logger box


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i installa Ut 1.6

i copy ipfilter.dat on utorrent install dir.

i lounch utorent and see on logger box but not show information for load ip block

i apply verbose log but non appear info for ip block



ps. ipfilter.dat is correct and working with another software

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The folder with the utorrent exe is NOT %appdata%\utorrent

The folder with settings.dat IS.

yes THANks

now ipfilter loading.

i install Ut on x:\utorrent

and application data store on: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\utorrent

I want to change this path and put total file on z:\utorrent

i must use version standalone??

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Instead of starting a new topic, I'd like to ask help on a different problem here.

My problem is that uTorrent reports "Loaded ipfilter.dat (0 entries)", even though I'm trying to add at least one ip. Here's what I did:

I have created a new text document with notepad, copy-pasted one ip adress (), saved as ipfilter.dat (ANSI coding, with precisely correct path).

Any ideas (about anything) what could be wrong here?

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Share on other sites - , 000 , Bogon, inv - , 000 , Sc4-Cl2-R1 - , 000 , a-7-0-2.ls - , 000 , a-7-0-2.ls - , 000 , p6-7.hsa2.

and so on, is working for me

Test it that way.

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I have seriously no idea why this works and previously didn't. This started to work when I copy-pasted b!ll's list on top of my own ipfilter.dat and made my ip-entry look like b!ll's. After that I removed everything, except the "" on my ipfilter, and it reports "1 entries" when loaded... So, in the end it works just like in the manual, but in the beginning there was zero functionality. I guess I had weak faith in the beginning, and I failed for that.

Still, looks like problem solved, and I thank you.

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Example1 -Loaded ipfilter.dat(3 entries)

<blink curser at here>


Example2 -Loaded ipfilter.dat(2 entries)<blink curser at here>


you must press "enter" at last line.

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