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2 Issues - Crashing & Seeding Moved Files


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I am having 2 persistent issues I CANNOT SOLVE.  First, I've already spent considerable time researching and trying to solve on my own prior to this post with no luck.

1.  Persistent, repeated UTorrent crashing.  I'm 99.99999999999% certain I know why this is happening (Unable to allocate data and variations on that message) which is that the writing function to the hard drive CANNOT KEEP UP with the downloading function to the CACHE.  What I don't know is how to stop this from happening as Utorrent DOES NOT APPEAR TO OBEY THE SETTINGS IN HOW IT OPERATES.  I've tried setting the global download limit to 30,000 kb/s as based on pure observation around 40,000 to 60,000 kb/s is where the hard drive can not keep up and the cache starts to pile up until the inevitable crash.  I've also tried setting max downloads to 10 or even 5 but regardless of that setting Utorrent might download to 15 to 20 regardless of the setting.  I can solve this manually IF I AM in front of my computer watching UTorrent by STOPPING/PAUSING torrents until the cache draws down and then restarting them.  But this defeats the purpose or ability to have torrents downloading 24/7 unattended.  The key issue again appears that UTorrent simply does not obey the limits in the settings intended to curtail just how much can be downloading at a given point in time.  Again, it appears to not obey the global download limit nor the quantity of downloads.  Attached are various screenshots supporting the problem.

2.  Moving files and continuining to SEED.  I have followed the instructions from some tutorial videos and it has not worked.  First, making a copy of the file and keeping the original in its downloaded location IS NOT AN OPTION.  Hard drive space is SCARCE and highly valuable so there is NOT excess hard drive space to WASTE to making a copy of the file.  Leaving the file in the downloaded location is NOT AN OPTION because I want the files ORGANIZED in their proper place once they have been downloaded and completed.  Leaving everything completely unorganized in the DOWNLOAD FOLDER is not an option.  That said, in some cases, I feel a strong duty to seed where it is a file(s) that have very few seeders and may have taken a month or more to download 100%.  The only reason I have the file is because a few people felt some desire to continue to seed so I'd like to return the favor, but I want to be able to move the file as well.  I've tried the method of STOPPING the torrent, then moving the file, selecting ADVANCED and SET DOWNLOAD LOCATION, and IT DOES NOT WORK for purposes of continued seeding.  I get the following error message...see attached screenshot

EDIT - Attached 2 more screenshots from just a minute ago showing the rate climbing to 90 MB/s DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE GLOBAL DOWNLOAD *LIMIT* IS 30.  At that rate, the cache used climbs from ZERO to 600 extremely fast.  Also, despite me setting the available to 1.5 GB experience has shown that if it climbs to 800-900 MB that virtually ASSURES A CRASH



Actual download quantity.PNG

Cache status.PNG

global download limit.PNG

max downloads.PNG

UTorrent running at 40 MB s.PNG

Seeding Error.PNG

Too much too fast downloading.PNG

90 MB s.PNG

640 cache.PNG


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Thanks for the response!


1.  Based on your response, I'm thinking I was misunderstanding the functionality of that disk cache setting.  I thought the key was for the green bar of the cache used to never hit the value setting, but based on your response, the issue is having too high a value as the setting.  Right?  If so, what value for cache should I use along with the other settings checked or not checked ***TO MAXIMIZE THE DOWNLOAD SPEED while simultaneously ensuring that UTorrent never crashes or at the very least the probablility of crashing is miniscule.  Crashing is a major negative event, because the darn program starts over by sending hundreds of torrents into "checking" which is a major waste of time for downloads waiting.

2.  Sorry for the length...but I was trying to ensure I didn't get an answer that was an unacceptable solution.  I will try this and see if it works.  Thanks again


Cache settings to use question.PNG

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So if I use 512, my risk of crashing is negligible?  I understand you can't give me a number that has 100% success of never crashing, but just give me the number you believe is the best setting.  Is it 1024?  Or some number below that.  Whatever you tell me is what I am going to type in the box.

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