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Trying to connect through email scanner?


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Every once in a while, I start to see AVG's POP3 scanner notification more frequently than usual, and it tries to connect to some IP that does not belong to my ISP. If I look through AVG's log, I get a bunch of entries that look like:

11.7.2006 00:04:01 AutoPOP3(10110): Connection from process 2420

11.7.2006 00:04:01 AutoPOP3(10110): Connection from

11.7.2006 00:04:01 AutoPOP3(10110): Client connected

11.7.2006 00:04:31 AutoPOP3(10110): Cannot connect to ***.247.230.9:110

11.7.2006 00:04:31 AutoPOP3(10110): Connect: The operation completed successfully. (0)

11.7.2006 00:04:31 AutoPOP3(10110): Client disconnected

(I put the *** to mask the IP, and process 2420 in this case is utorrent.exe.)

So, my question is why does this happen?

Does it just mean that someone out there is using port 110 for their BT client?

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This seems like it would make a decent FAQ question.

I just noticed outgoing pop3 connections and traced them back to μtorrent and got a little concerned. The IP it was connecting to was I tried connecting to it via telnet and got no banners, so I thought that it might be some schmuck with his client port set to 110, which it probably was.

If a knew a little more about BitTorrent's client to client protocols, I might have tried something.

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