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Very low upload speed.


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I have 512kbps (256kbps for upload) connection speed, green light, public IP, TCP/IP patched, NOD32 antivirus and windows firewall. My upload speed is very low, especially on TB. I also have DHT disabled, and I try to enable 'seeding only' mode, but it doesn't help. I don't have any problems with download speed.

I don't know what is wrong. It's important for me because my ratio is too low.

Any ideas? Thanks very much for your comments.

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- Yes, UPnP is disabled.

- net.max_halfopen --> 16 (lower)


- protocol encryption: Enabled ('Allow incoming legacy connections' turned on)

- 'seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks' turned on




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I'm having the same problem and only since i started using 1. have i realized it.

i use bot private and non private trackers and on my connection

"Download speed: 13861992 bps

Upload speed: 1887152 bps"

i'm usually only uploading @1-4kb/s which is horrible.

i have the same setup as the images above except i have utorrent change the port each time i use it. and i only have 8 half open not 16.

any ideas?

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