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Strange problem

Jake LA Muss

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Couldn't see anything in FAQ or on board to help with this so I thought i'd better make a post, soz if there

is sth and i've missed it, I have been getting quite slow speeds as of late, and i'm on a 8Mbt line of which

I normally get around 6Mbt speeds (down to my location according to BT), I can get upto 700+KB per sec

dependant on where i'm connecting to etc, but with utorrent my speeds somewhat diminished, I know part

of that was down to a "BT Voyager 10V Telephone Adaptor" (to enable me to have BT Broadband Talk) but

I have since unplugged that to find a speed difference, I still believe I am behind some kind of firewall or

proxy though as different IP's are being shown in "IPConfig/all" and when I do an online ip check, and if I

run Utorrents speed guide and check port it says it's "OK" and its open, but with certain torrents I cannot

seem to connect to any seeds in the swarm, like this for instance,


If anyone can shed some light on this I would be very grateful, it only seems to happen with certain torrents

I just can't figure out why it's only the seeds with some torrent I cannot connect to, this torrent has been

running for about 2 days like this, and I onnly seem to get data when peers have it then I get it off them ?.



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Hi Ultima,

Thx for fast reply.

You're sure it's not a fake torrent?

That i'm not sure about m8, cos I wouldn't know how to spot one (apart from the obvious things

like it not d/l at all or can't conn to anybody), but it's d/l about 99.8% now, just finding it strange

it will not log onto seeds ?, it seems all i'm getting is what the peers have d/l.

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It's fake, availability is EXACTLY 0.997 -- that means despite all the supposed seeds, between all the peers there is only 0.997 of the file...the exact same amount as you.

Quit wasting your (upload especially!) bandwidth and download+share something else.

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Hi guys

Thx so much for your input, just thought i'd give a quick update for the board and any similar probs.

I thought I would leave the torrent running (in the interest of science :)) the torrent DID end up at 100%,

but after a long time, and after completing I tried to run the said file with every viewer I had (was video file)

but to no avail, nothing I had even tho I have latest sets of codecs and players, would play this file, so I

think it was all fake, unless sth happened to the file in transit.

Anyways, thx for help again.


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unfortunately in your pic the tracker url is blacked :(

What was it?

some obsure one on a dyn DNS url for example?!

The "Bad Boys"™ are using for example the afraid.org dyn DNS services and you end up for the tracker IP in the "Your OneStop Network, Inc" IP range with that tracker!


If it was on the other hand a serious tracker you might want to contact an admin if it was really a fake file that was tracked there!

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