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Advanced(?) tab in RSS Downloader


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Simple idea really, at least it should be.  It would be similar to the 'Favorites' tab, but be slightly different and possibly more powerful.

The idea is to have two sets of rules for inclusion and one set of rules for exclusion, along with choosing one or more feeds.  Each of the two sets of rules for inclusion would only require one match from each to pass, before being checked against the rules for exclusion.

Let's say that someone likes to download multiple shows, only when those shows meet certain criteria.  Instead of making multiple favorites (one or more for each show), they could include the name of the shows, one per line, in the first 'inclusion' list.  In the second inclusion list, they could specify one or more of the criteria for what versions (releases) they want to grab.  Obviously, the exclusion list would prevent a matching torrent from being automatically downloaded, as it does now.

Here's an example of what I'm thinking...

Include 1           Include 2     Exclude
Arrow               HEVC          480p			
Black Lightning     H.265         1080i
Chicago P.D.        x265
Dynasty             1080p

If an item matches anything from list 1 AND anything from list 2, it's included.  If it matches anything from the 'exclude' list, it gets ignored (obviously), otherwise, it gets downloaded.

I feel that this would require less effort than adding a new favorite and then trying to fine tune it with the limited filtering available.  Of course, the other options (labeling, episode matching, etc) should be available as well.


Either the above, or maybe make it so we can have custom filters that could be easily included in the favorites.  Where something like the 2nd and exclude lists could be made, and then with the favorites, be able to enable it for selected items.  Would make it much easier than copying and some of the same stuff when adding multiple new favorites to download.

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The idea is flawed, since many other items on favorite are *per-show*. LIke: label, "smart" episodes range etc. You simply cannot combine shows.

That said, you can try this app ("add-on"?...) for easier UI, tho, it is much more complicated, it has nicer GUI, and  integrated also to uTorrent :


Installer : https://github.com/pymedusa/MedusaInstaller/releases 

I like it, and even improved it's uTorrent interface...  a bit :) 

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If you want them all to have the same label, it works.  If not, then add another one with a different label.  As for the episodes filter, it could be based on the matching line in the first list.

The idea is to actually simplify things, so that if there are some shows you want in one format (quality), you can do that and easily edit the list of shows, then have another to match a different quality level with its own list, etc.  Think of the Favorites as it is, except it has 2 includes (both must match) with one exclude, and each can have multiple lines, instead of trying to get creative with the filters on two lines.

Btw, thank you for your vote of confidence, instead of trying to put my idea down.  I really appreciate it.

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Label was just one example. All the current settings are per-show/fav and should be re-designed to be per-filter-line. It is not easy.

Also, today you can already combine filters (with the same settings below) - just use the "|", like  "  *the*americans*|*blindspot* ". Another option is to add a new fav, while you select another. It will copy all the settings. So, I think your method  rather complicates things, not ,making it easier. Just my 2 cents... 

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Using favorites, as-is...

If you want to download 5 different shows from only 3 particular sources (groups) and no others, and only certain qualities, you would need, at minimum, 3 different favorites.

The idea I'm mentioning would permit you to do all that with only one entry, as well as having an easy to read list of shows/etc (inclusion filters), vs a long line of content that may seem daunting.

Maybe in addition to groups, there is a particular tag desired as well, such as NORAR and 10bit.  Using the dual inclusion, it would be much easier than the current system.

Let's say that the desired groups are Adam, Bob, and Charles (fake group names, I know, but this is for example purposes).  Also, the two tags above.  Suddenly, that's 6 different favorites for one list of shows.

Using this new idea, one 'favorite' and can accomplish the same thing.


How is it not easier again?  Instead of trying to kill a good idea, why not try to think of ways it could work?

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Of cause it CAN work, if you also change the rest of the settings below per-line... It's a UI re-design issue:

*show1*Adam*|*show1*bob*show1*Charles    [or]




*show1*Adam*|*show1*bob*|*show1*Charles|*show2*Adam*|*show2*bob*|*show2*Charles ....


I agree that it *looks* simpler, but functionally - there is no real change. It is not an easier design, since IMHO, you do not see the settings per show until you select another line, plus there is the issue of being aware that there are more lines... 


Anyway - no sale for me... Also, the priority the devs give to RSS is low, so I better spend my time with Medusa, which is doing only this, has sources that  can be under my control too.. :) Sorry.

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I know, smart, trying to avoid typing... ;)

*show1*Adam*NORAR*10bit*|*show1*bob*NORAR*10bit*|*show1*Charles*NORAR*10bit*|*show2*Adam**NORAR*10bit*|*show2*bob**NORAR*10bit*|*show2*Charles*NORAR*10bit* ....


*show1*Adam*NORAR*10bit*|*show1*bob*NORAR*10bit*|*show1*Charles*NORAR*10bit*    [or]



BTW, total # of characters is exactly the same...  plus, qualities - are separate/common to all.

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Your eyesore (shown in your post) compared to my idea...

Inc. 1	(AND)		Inc. 2			(NOT)	Exclude
------			------				-------
Show 1			Adam*NORAR*10bit		(item 1)
Show 2			Adam*10bit*NORAR		(item 2)
Show 3			Bob*NORAR*10bit			(etc)
Show 4			Bob*10bit*NORAR			
Show 5			Charles*NORAR*10bit		

Flaw with yours, what if the NORAR and 10bit tags are sometimes reversed?  Yours would miss it, unless you add it more |'s to check for them.

As for thinking it you were playing it smart by avoiding more typing, it actually makes it look like you already know that I've got a good idea, but you don't want to admit to it since you already spoke against it.  It's okay though, you've helped demonstrate the usefulness of my idea more than you know.

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5 hours ago, mike20021969 said:
12 hours ago, rafi said:

good luck!

I was more like "...and don't hold your breath whilst waiting." :lol:

Now that we've heard from the assholes of the community, perhaps someone else would like to chime in?

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