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Feature request: add a moderator here! (nt)


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Which totals up to three people.

Just by having more mods isnt going to get the developers attention even more (WiseRatio ? :P) nor prevent people from asking already answered questions and making requests for features already requested.

Why not? Instead of us sometimes looking rude replying "already discussed in 4 differents thread, do a search, bla bla" a mod could merge those thread...

So you saw my previous wink to you and remained quiet.. :-) I quit asking for it, I just talk of my idea, sometimes, when someone suggest an idea for ratio managment.

I even visit the forum less often because for me, utorrent does what I need already.

For now I use a fixed 1:1 and if a torent is over 1GB I quit when I have it complete and must go AFK. I would just share a little more with better management but I'm not alone on earth sharing so I think I'm way nicer than many...

Still, always nice to read the changes made with every release... hope it won't reach 1.7.8 in the sens that I hope they are only fixing what's could be bug and soon stop adding more and more options.

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personally if i was a mod, then i would just close any repeat topics with the explination "LOOK UP THERE. IS IT A BIRD, IS IT A PLANE, NO ITS THE FCKIN SEARCH BUTTON, USE IT"

Maybe its better that you aren't a mod. It takes a certian finese to be a mod at a growing forum, and cursing users won't get the job done. I agree that the repeat requests and lack of common sense is quit obnoxious at times, but that really isn't the right way to handle it.

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Has anyone seriously looked into writing a simple PHP page to control the growing list of feature requests?

The PHP page would list existing requests, allow users to vote/comment on those requests, and submit new requests. All new requests would be moderated so that only unique (not before posted) requests make it through.

Or simpler, doesn't PHPBB allow a forum to be 'moderated' so that new topics are not posted to the public until authorized by a moderator? That would clean out the trash pretty fast.

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