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How to resume torrent download on another installation on another folder?


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Assume I started some (big > 10GB) torrent downloads on uTorrent installation 1 on computer1.

Since the source is not always available the download could last for days or even weeks until they are finished.

Now I decide to perform/resume the downloads on utorrent installation 2 on computer 2.

In order not to loose the GB of stuff I already downloaded I plan to do the following:

I copy/move all the content of the directories:

- downloading

- downloading torrents


to the corresponding directories of utorrent installation 2 and start this second utorrent over there.

Is this sufficient to resume download on the second utorrent installation?

Does it recognize already pending torrent downloads and finishes them?

If not: What else do I have to do?


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@PiusX: Thank you for the suggestion but it does NOT help.

I want to migrate approx 100 torrent downloads from a utorrent installation on a certain partition (e.g. C:) to another utorrent installation on another partition (e.g. F:)

Therefore I startet utorrent 2 and changed all directories in preferences, copied the resuming downloads and restarted utorrent.

Howeevr utorrent 2 searches still the download file chunks in download directories of utorrent 1 installation and not in the dirs specified in preferences of utorrent 2.

Any other suggestion?

I cannot believe that such a simple task cannot be handled by utorrent

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