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No new update reported if you don't send detailed info.


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So, this has been the same for quite some years now and given there's no change I decided to report it.

Basically, if you disable telemetry reporting you don't get any update. It's nothing new, it's been happening for ever but I find it uncceptable to be honest. It's not that there are no updates, as soon as you enable the option to send detailed info when checking for updates you are told there is actually an update (or there have been several already if you had it disabled for a while).

It not only affects the μTorrent client but the mainstream BitTorrent one as well.


No new version.png

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1 hour ago, rafi said:

Ok, confirmed with 3.5.4 b44520 (stable) and b44504 (beta). I guess it will be fixed ASAP....

^ works for me with that "send info" enabled, so server side is OK (unless you've blocked it in your firewall/hosts). Also, best remove all exe files after the above from .\update\*.exe


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